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Maneuvering the vast urban sprawl of downtown Los Angeles is a feat for anyone. Never mind the progressive freelancer in search of a make-shift work station in one of the largest city spreads in the world. Unlike the vertical clusters that demarcate New York and most European cities, Los Angeles is not bound by the benefits of geographic proximity and quaint architecture. Rather, Los Angeles boasts of Hollywood and an onslaught of too-much-traffic. The movie industry hence makes for an epicenter for creatives and freelancers alike. A recent transplant in search of an affordable coworking space nearby, preferably with character? Take a skim of hotspots below, but be sure to google map wisely, as each may not all be traffic-worthy feats depending on locale.


Founded in 2011 by LA community members Kelly Low and David Oshima, Kleverdog Coworking has quickly become one of LA’s staple spots for those familiar with city’s coworking scene. Join the community at Kleverdog for some respite on comfortable sofas. Here members are encouraged to collaborate within a multivariate of disciplines  and also to play. Daily Rates average $20 or $10 for those lucky students. Monthly membership access requests are $150/month, and allow you to visit the space twice a week. Need a third day? $200/month gets you three times a week at Member Plus status, and to be promoted to Top Dog status for full 24/7 access, you’ll have to fork out $350/month. Curious about community downtime? You can also look forward to building your own rainbow alphabet. Free of charge.

Kleverdog Coworking, 418 Bamboo Lane, Suite A, Contact: (323) 924-8463 ext 3

Downtown LA

Los Angeles' Downtown is back on track, attracting many new residents since the early 2000s, and becoming a major transportation hub of Southern California thanks to a better developed public transport system. Walking through the city's streets, you can feel the lingering atmosphere of the Roaring Twenties in combination with many historic office buildings, which have now been converted into apartments while the financial district moved to Bunker Hill in order to build a new line of skyscrapers. 

Since its opening in 2012, The HubLA is located in central downtown Los Angeles, not far from Union Station and public transit. HubLA stands by its mission, encouraging its members to “collaborate for a radically better tomorrow,” harnessing a mission for the independent thinker and worker fundamentally opposed to working in a cubical. The Hub is unique in that it is now a global spin off with numerous locations sprinkled across the globe. The buildng stands tall, with brick walls and open windows, giving you a sense that you are working out of a reconverted cathedral from the 19th century. The folks at HubLA stand by community and collaboration, even hosting Founding Member Mixers, no matter where them might be in the world at the moment.

The HubLA, 830 Traction Ave. Suite 3A - Contact: (213) 325-1271

Located at the heart of the Fashion District in downtown Los Angeles, Indie Desk’s lime green stucco and brightly yellow-matted barstools give an alluring disco feel to budding entrepreneurs fighting over electrical outlets. Though most coworking spaces in LA have yet to match the numerous pop up venues in Silicon Valley,this one is quickly catching up with the best. Hip to the times and equipped with modern-day fixings, don’t let Indie Desk’s retro interior scare you off, as it also offers all amenities necessary for a functional communal office space and then some. Drop down light fixtures and a rectangular center-piece table bring coworkers together for work and comaraderie. It also offers access to conference rooms, locker storage space, mail delivery and 24/hr wifi access for the occasional insomniac.

Indie Desk, 816 S. Broadway, located between 8th & 9th - Contact: (213) 221-2836

FlipWorkLA is a coworking space located in an old charming office building that is connected to many other areas through the inside, such as a restaurant, two bars and a game room. The open workspace is quite small compared to the other workstations they provide on 2200sqm, but it's centrally located and just a few meters away from the subway station Pershing Square. If you are a car owner, the freeway is conveniently only two blocks away. The coworking space offers dedicated desks only, however, you can test them for free any day you like. The rates range from $200 to $500 per desk, and the hosts are very welcoming and friendly.

FlipWorkLA, 448 s. Hill st. - Update: FlipWorkLa was closed.


Opodz is a product of the promising development of Downtown LA. The coworking space opened in June 2013 in Little Tokyo and the Art District. It offers desk space for around 40 people in a well-designed collaborative work environment. 

Opodz, 362 East 2nd Street, located between San Pedro & Central - Contact: (213) 537-0224

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