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Coworking Spaces in London: Hoxton

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It has been a while since our last update coworking spaces in London, so we thought it was time for a series of spotlights on the different boroughs that make the city one of the most vibrant and diverse coworking industries in Europe. We kick this series off by checking out the ever-busy creative confines of Hoxton. First we want to take a look at the community, what it used to be, where it stands now, and last but not least, what its coworking scene is like.

Hoxton is a district located in the East End of London next to, and often geographically confused with, the nearby district of Shoreditch. By the late 90's, this formerly humble neighborhood was transformed into one of London's most fashionable and popular areas. Warehouses transformed into prime real estate and art galleries and cafes started popping up left and right. Of course this story is nothing new. Most cities have witnessed the rapid transformation and gentrification of previously ignored areas into becoming the hip and cool place to be seemingly overnight.

While change is not all bad, especially when it brings new and positive aspects to a community, what we often see in situations like the that of Hoxton, is overall rent prices skyrocketing, thus making the community inaccessible to those who have always called it home. In fact, Deskmag touched on this very subject in an article about coworking in Neukölln Berlin, which discussed the benefits that coworking gives to a community, especially one that has/and still is experiencing a lot of change. 

Here Deskmag has a selection of great spaces in Hoxton, London:

The Cube

This coworking space has recently done away with its mail-forwarding service as it develops more community events for members. One such new event at The Cube is the ‘Brainplay’, which is a creative initiative designed to let the ‘mind relax and play’. After a slow start take up for Brainplay, members are getting used to the concept and the roundtable discussions are typically full. Members at The Cube range from scientists to fashion designers and are encouraged to work together and to use the coworking space as not just a desk, but as an opportunity to collaborate and learn. Starting in September of 2009, The Cube has always placed heavy emphasis on a diverse community and productivity. It seems that their plan has been working well, because in May 2011 they opened a sister space called WECREATE in New York City, which is run by their innovation agency, Idea Engineering.

To read more about the space, you can see a more in-depth review from Deskmag here

The Trampery

The Trampery was the very first shared workspace established in the district of Shoreditch, and was the  #1 most viewed coworking space last year onDeskwanted. The space boasts 60 desks with 20 companies, including VIP guests and industry-leading residents, working at the current Shoreditch location.  Growing at a rapid pace, there are plans for a new space in the summer, which will also be established in Shoreditch. The new space plans to have 80+ desks, 5 meetings rooms, and 2,500sq. Ft., including event space plus some other planned ‘special initiatives’ designed to impress. The popularity of The Trampery means that there is a 200+ waiting list. Hackney and Clerkenwell spaces are also in the offing.

Tech Hub

The Tech Hub is focused on tech entrepreneurs, nurturing a collaborative network and fueling an international network. Working at a space that has such a strong community focus, but that also provides access to global network, is ideal for freelancers of all types, those who are just starting and more established professionals. The Tech Hub promises that "advice flows freely" just as much as beer and pizza. The coworking spaced launched in 2010, and also recently opened a location in Manchester. 

Hoxton Mix

The last year has seen two other coworking spaces added in the same area in and around the first Paul Street location. A past year when Lord Sassoon, Commercial Secretary to the Treasury, paid the space a visit, championing the area as a rival to Silicon Valley. A greater emphasis on facilitating start-ups and a more incubator service has grown from purely more than a coworking space. Tapping into the already existing Hoxton designers and developers pool 90% of users have worked together with each other on different projects.

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