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A new look for Deskmag

Almost exactly one year ago we launched Deskmag. Since then we’ve written more than a hundred articles about this new form of collaborative work. For our birthday we’ve updated the site according to the request of our readers.

  • The 1st Global Coworking Survey

    Between January and April 2011, Deskmag analysed the results of the first Global Coworking Survey and published them in a series of twelve themed articles, which are listed here as a summary. Through our analysis we wanted to provide coworking spaces with helpful information to better understand and serve their members.

  • Coworking in Cairo during the protests

    Ulrike von Ruecker has lived in Egypt for more than ten years. In 2007 she co-founded The Hub in Cairo and has managed it since its opening. Last wednesday night several people died at the Tahrir Square, and countless people were seriously injured. The mood is depressed: "I am completely worried and still need to sort myself out." We interviewed her under these difficult conditions and spoke to her about the current situation of coworkers in Egypt.

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