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4) Minimize management costs

In cooperatives, management costs are pooled together, allowing entrepreneurs to stay focused on their business and also to save more time. Plus, in many countries, cooperatives are often have substantial tax benefits.

However, delegating some administrative tasks, such as monitoring and accounting bills, can take longer if there is only a contractor taking care of this business. Yet, everything depends on the organization. 

5) Developing entrepreneurial activity

The main strength that comes from cooperatives is that they minimize costs while maximizing service. “Today, we have entered into a hyper process. With all the skills found within a cooperative, we can now concentrate on an individual’s professional desires and outsource the rest”, said Arnaud Barbary. On the other hand, it is possible to group together tasks, in the spirit of the cooperative, as a way to respond to invitations dealing with larger clients.

At, the notion of competence is even more important, because is the first cooperative network in France that specializes in ICT. A real e-cooperative. "We chose to apply the logic of the network and to support our partners in their coworking," explained Arnaud Barbary. presents itself as a "territorial solution, for all those who wish to undertake a network." Thus, it allows its members access to coworking spaces in France, while also maintaining the benefits that naturally come from a cooperative

However, in the cooperative system, it is the legal representative (i.e the elected manager), which validates the services offered and responds to tenders. His election plays a crucial role in the proper functioning of the structure.

6) Providing better job security

Not all independent contractors are young, single, and ready to flee when faced with potential failure. By becoming an employee of a cooperative, the contractor may combine independence with the social status of wage earners. In addition, thanks to its secure framework, becoming part of a cooperative can serves as a real test phase that demonstrates the financial viability of a company. As a result, the company may want to develop more cooperatives, but also has the freedom to leave if they want.

Nevertheless, entrepreneurs wanting to keep the name "independent" should refrain from becoming part of a cooperative, because a contracted employee is no longer independent in the legal sense. This fact is also important for some entrepreneurs who want to continue to see themselves as such.


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