The 2019 Global Coworking Survey

Background: Industrious, a coworking space in Boulder.

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Background: The 2019 Global Coworking Survey ran online from January 24, 2019 to March 18, 2019. 2668 people filled in the questionnaire. The final results are analyzed using IBM SPSS, and are checked using quality standards to remove bots or fake participants. Those respondents are not considered in the analysis nor in the counting of participants. 

Participants by groups: coworking spaces (operators or staff members): N=1240, coworking members: N=879, planned/future coworking spaces: N=137. Remaining participants are either former coworking members or people who have never worked in a coworking space. 

32% of the respondents came from North America, 30% from Europe, 19% from Asia, 12% from South America, 4% from Africa and 3% from Oceania (mainly Australia). 

Articles of the 2019 Global Coworking Survey:  

2019 Member Demographics

2019 Profitability of Coworking Spaces

2019 Coworking Forecast

The 2019 Global Coworking Survey is officially supported by the following organizations:

Main Supporters: 
Yardi - a management tool for coworking spaces
Nexudus Spaces - a management tool for coworking spaces
Essensys - a management tool for coworking spaces

Distribution partners: 
CoworkingResources - a consultancy tool for coworking spaces
- a platform to provide business-boosting perks to coworking spaces & their members
IndyHall - a coworking space in Philadelphia

Regional partners: 
GCUC North America, Coworking Europe Europe
CUASIA Asia, Qdesq India
Coworking Content North America, Cobot worldwide

Official Supporters: 
Coworking Switzerland
German Coworking Federation,
Sneed India, TopCoworks India,
Office RnD UK, Hubud Indonesia, 
No Office Work Portugal, Kisi USA,
ImpactHub Taipei, Pickspace Israel
SpaceCubed Australia, LeadSpace Nigeria, 
AgoraRDM USA, Coworking Croatia
Satellite DeskWorks USA, 
St. Oberholz Germany, Amp Canada
Wexelwirken Germany, WellCoworking Italy
GorillaSpace Singapore, LottoCinque Italy
Coworking Frauenfeld Switzerland,
Coworking Library Germany/USA,
Business Link Poland.

The Global Coworking Survey is financed through two sources:

Firstly, the main supporters financially support the conduct of the survey. They also allow a basic analysis which is available for free. They do not influence the analysis or the results. They are only shown and linked in the publishing for their support. Thanks to them!

A much more detailed analysis takes much much much more time, but is interesting for a much lower number of people. Sounds like a bad correlation, right? For that reason, the Global Coworking Survey is secondly supported by the people who buy these more elaborated reports with detailed grouped analyses. Please visit coworkingstatistics.com to receive those e-booklets. Crucial main findings of these reports are also published in free articles.

Thanks to everyone who has supported the Global Coworking Survey by buying these report or by taking and distributing the survey. The survey wouldn't be possible without them.

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